Preparation of monthly executive payrolls, providing employee-wise analysis of basic salary, perquisites and other allowance, deductions and net amounts payable;
  • Generation of pay slips and reimbursement slips, individual employee wise.
  • Generation of monthly reimbursement statement.
  • Computation of monthly withholding taxes and time-to-time revisions.
  • Ensuring the timely deduction of withholding taxes from payment of salaries to employees;
  • Ensuring timely deposit of the withholding tax.
  • Preparation of certificates of tax withheld at source in Form-16;
  • Ensuring compliance with the withholding tax provisions, by performing a
  • review of internal documentary controls;
  • Preparation and filling of the annual return of withholding taxes on salaries in Form 24 on a timely basis.
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