Accounting being an integral part of a business and ensures a clear picture of operating results and business status. It helps management in planning and decision making at the same time its compliances is required by governing status of the business.

We also undertake day to day accounting work specially designed for local, national & international business on the desired accounting software such as Tally, PeachTree, ORION and Quick Books. Full attention is given to the applicable accounting standards, tax and corporate law compliances while doing the accounting work. We offer a complete range of accounting, documentation which includes:
  • Offering a complete accounting solution for Small, Medium Business/NGO/Individuals /Corporate.
  • Indian & International GAAP (AS/US GAAP/IFRS/IPSAS) compliant accounting and finalization of financial statements.
  • Undertaking Cash, Inventory, Debtors, Creditors & Payroll Management and suggest measures for working capital management.
  • Designing of just in time approach and stores management.
  • Designing of complete accounting system of new/existing business and work out tailor made accounting modules to give the desired
  • Management information systems.
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