11. Obligatory registration

(1) Every dealer liable to pay tax under sub–section (1) or (5) of section 3 shall get himself registered by submitting an application to the authority competent to grant registration, in such form and in such manner and within such time as may be prescribed.

(2) The authority competent to grant registration, after making such enquiry as it may consider necessary, may grant a certificate of registration in the prescribed form.

(3) The certificate of registration shall be granted from the date he becomes liable to pay tax under section 3.

(4) The certificate of registration so granted shall not be transferable and it shall remain in force unless it is cancelled.

(5) Where a dealer is registered under the repealed Act he shall be deemed to have been registered under this Act from the date of commencement of this Act, provided he has submitted such information as has been required by the Commissioner under the repealed Act by notification in the Official Gazette.

(6) When a dealer, who is liable to get registration, does not make application under sub–section (1), the authority competent to grant registration, after affording an opportunity of being heard to such dealer, shall grant him a certificate of registration from the date he becomes "liable to pay tax under this Act and such registration "shall take effect as if it has been granted under sub–section (2).

(7) Where a dealer who is already registered, intends to do business at one or more additional places in the State he shall be granted in such manner as may be prescribed, a branch certificate under the certificate of registration already held by him.

(8) Where a dealer has one or more additional registration under the repealed Act, he shall inform to his assessing authority or authority competent to grant registration within sixty days from the commencement of this Act, as to which of the registrations shall be treated registration under this Act and which of the registration certificates may be converted into branch certificates. If the dealer fails to do so, the Commissioner or any officer authorised by him for this purpose, shall declare one such registration to be the registration under this Act and shall issue branch certificate in lieu of remaining registration certificates.

(9) Notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, a dealer dealing exclusively in exempted goods, shall not be required to get registration under this Act.