Rule 138

Every dealer, other than a dealer executing works contracts, a dealer who is a hotelier or restaurateur or caterer and a dealer producing granite metal by using stone crushing machinery, opting to pay tax by way of composition under section 15, shall.-

(1)   display his certificate in a prominent location at his main place of business;  

(2)   pay tax, by way of composition, at a rate notified by the  Government;

(3)    not collect tax on his sales;

(4) submit a quarterly return to the jurisdictional Local VAT officer  or VAT sub-officer, indicating the tax due on his sales of goods in Form VAT 120, together with proof of full payment of the tax due, in accordance with rule 52, by the fifteenth day of the month following the relevant quarter;

      (5) as long as he remains registered, submit such quarterly return, whether or not any tax is due for any quarter;

     (6) where he needs to make any amendments to his quarterly return, submit a revised return in Form VAT 130, together with proof of full payment of any further tax due, to the jurisdictional Local VAT officer or VAT sub-officer; and

(7) where he submits a return after the due date, and also where  he submits a  revised return, furnish proof of payment of the interest due under section 36.